Are you a software engineer  looking for employment in NZ?

We give you the work experience that will make you very attractive to NZ employers as they  say: 'No NZ work experience, no NZ job'.

MORE than that, we introduce you to the NZ way of doing things, in the workplace as well as outside it.

We introduce you to the things you don't know you don't know!


Boutique, personalised, removing barriers to gaining employment

This professional development programme, based in a NZ  workplace,  gives you the experience and knowledge and cultural understandings to make you highly attractive to NZ employers. 

Our goal is to help you get a job in software development.  We want to help build on your skills so that you can flourish and win, the tech industry wins and ultimately, the NZ economy wins. 

Our programme is quite unique.  We believe it sets a GOLD STANDARD for workplace experiences.  You are not one of many.  You will, at most, be part of a project team of just 5 people.  This ensures that you will receive personal attention and you can maximise your learning.  Every day. Personalised feedback, personalised coaching, personalised support.  YOU are at the centre of our work.   


We undertake to:

Guide and nurture you to develop the knowledge and skills - IT and otherwise - which will  help get you into a local workplace. 


Inspire you to take advantage of the new experiences we are offering you, building your knowledge of NZ and the way we do things here.



Programme highlights

Personalised Coaching

Be personally coached and learn NZ workplace practices and norms


Experience methodologies and provide evidence that speaks to a NZ employer of your technical and soft-skill ability

Job search support and connections with the IT industry

Make job search connections and present yourself with integrity and as attractively as possible to a NZ employer